Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tina's Tuesdays 4/8/2008

Have you started your Spring cleaning? Yeah, right.....I should though. *sigh*

What sort of things are you going to throw out? Old papers, receipts, etc., maybe the old, torn towels/bath cloths, & DEFINITELY the old spices/herbs in my spice rack.

If possible, show us a before and after photo of the mess. If you can't, how would you describe the before and after of the specific area in your home? Before: cluttered and dusty. After: HOPEFULLY, straightened, clean and dust-free (for 5 minutes!) EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!


Lauren Elizabeth said...

Spring cleaning can be a pain but it feels so good! Get your spices organized quick with SpiceStack - a new spice rack that sits in your kitchen cabinet (NOT the Counter) and holds 27+ spices. The drop-down drawers help you find spices fast and keep track of what you have....so you won't end up finding 10-year old paprika in the back of your cabinets anymore! Not bad for $29.95, check it out at www.SpiceStack.com. Happy Organizing!