Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ten on Tuesday 4/8/2008

1.) My celebrity crush...Mr. Johnny Depp (I have loved him for years!)
2.) Mr. George Clooney (I go GA Ga for George! Good-looking, a talented actor/director AND a humanitarian? Who could ask for anything more?)
3.) Ms. Laura Linney (The most TOTALLY under-rated actress of our generation.)
4.) Mr. Ewan McGregor (He can spot my train ANYTIME! That accent is SO sexy!)
5.) Ms. Robin Wright Penn (beautiful & a wonderful actress)
6.) Ms. Cate Blancett (she is elegant, classy and an atonishing actress)
7.) Mr. Tommy Lee Jones (scruffy and a great actor..BRAVO!)
8.) Mr. Ian McKellan (NO ONE could've done Gandalf better!)
9.) Mr. Clive Owen (YUMMILIOUS! And, once again, that accent....ummmmm)
10.) Mr. Anthony Hopkins (my all-time favorite actor....bar none!)

Next week: 10 Favorite Comedies


Lazy Daisy said...

Great choices . I should have added some of these on my list.

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

I think your list is most like mine of anyone's I've seen today.