Sunday, February 03, 2008

The 4 Things Meme

This week I was tagged by Melanie for the 4 things meme.
Here are my answers:

4 Jobs I Have Had: H & R Block Receptionist, Financial Specialist in a nursing home, a page in an auction group, Receptionist at a steel company.

4 Movies Watched Over and Over: Edward Scissorhands, 12 Monkeys, LOTR Trilogy, and Somewhere in Time.

4 Places I have Lived: Tuscaloosa, Highland Home & Montgomery

4 Shows I Watch: Lost, Good Eats, Best Week Ever & American Justice

4 Places I Have Been: Atlanta, Birmingham, PCB & Orlando

4 People Who E-mail: Monica, Bob, Mike & Karen

4 Favorite Things To Eat: Guacamole, pasta (any kind), artichokes and strawberries

4 Places I Would Rather Be Living: Atlanta, Washington D. C., France & Ireland

4 Things I Look Forward To This Year: Maybe becoming a Mommy, My wedding anniversary, Spring weather and being more physically fit.

4 People To Tag: Kwizgiver, Debs, Toni, and that's it. My other blog buddies don't do many memes.

Hope you enjoy, ladies. Leave me a comment when you're done so I can scope out your answers.

Ciao for now....


Melanie said...

Thanks for playing along. I hope you get to become a mommy this year too!