Monday, February 04, 2008

Manic Monday 2/4/2008

Is there anything to serious to joke about? If so, what falls into that category for you? Yes. Abortion, pheophilia, and euthinasia. All of these are entirly to serious to joke about.

Would you rather be a tortured genius or a happy simple-minded person? Why? A happy simple-minded person. Nothing is better than being blissfully ignorant, I suppose.

A dear friend or family member has a terminal illness and is in agony. He/she wants you to help him/her die. What would you do? Tough question. I don't agree with abortion or euthinasia. But, if someone I love is in severe pain, I can't say I wouldn't help but help end their suffering.


livin' with me said...

I agree with you about abortion and euthinasia. But, I have no idea what pheophilia means. Help me out! said...

Wow! This was a very serious meme! You did a good job with your answers!
I did the Meme thing today too!!
Have a great Meme Monday! Grams

Shari said...

Well, It looks like a lot of us would rather be happy and simple minded. Congratulations on the Giants winning.

JennieBoo said...


Pedophilia is child pornography and child sexual abuse.

Pediphilies are anyone who mistreats a child in a sexual way.

Convicted pedophiles should be castrated in my opinion.

livin with me said...

Oops- I think you may have had a typo in your post. You had pheophilia, which I googled and could not figure out what it was. I do know what pedophilia is- sorry! I should have figured out that was what you meant. And I totally agree- castration is the only way to fix those sick crazy people.