Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

Today's Challenge: Ten Words to Describe You
1. Lazy
2. Itchy (My hand is healing, therefore, it's itching like crazy!)
3. Grateful
4. Blessed
5. Comfy (I was so tired of the heat!)
6. Plump (I'm 10-15 lbs overweight...ugh!)
7. Empathetic
8. Hungry (I haven't had breakfast yet.)
9. Cute
10. In love (With my hubby of course!)
Next week: 10 Songs That Bring Back Memories (and why)


Angelika said...

Your answers made me feel all warm & fuzzy in the place where my heart is supposed to be. :-)

Debs said...

A great list :)

Patois said...

Some great words you chose. "Comfy" and "empathetic" are great ones in particular.

Julia said...

Happy Tuesday!

Hand is healing? What happen to your hand? What an interesting list! I should be describe grateful and bless too *grin*

Here Mine!