Thursday, August 09, 2007

Who's That Girl?

The ABC’s of JennieBoo:

Adapted, loosely, from Ask Lanne's “Encyclopedia of Me” meme.

a) A is for Artichokes. I enjoy eating artichoke hearts straight from the can. I also like them tossed in Raspberry Vinaigrette!!
b) B is for Babies. “The Hubby” says I have a “baby-dar”. I can hear or spot one from a mile away. I want one of my own so badly.
c) C is for Chocolate. I’m female. It’s chocolate. What more explanation do you need?
d) D is for Dogs. I love all types. Small or large, long or short-haired. They are our four-legged babies!
e) E is for Earrings. I love earrings. I have two holes in each ear. My top holes are filled with studs and the bottom can be filled with whatever! I love ‘em!
f) F is for Feta Cheese. I like it in salads, on pizza, in sandwiches. I really enjoy Feta about anyway I can get it!
g) G is for Gum. I enjoy chewing gum. My cousin, Mickey Ann, taught me how to blow bubbles.
h) H is for Horses. I really like horses. When I was a child, I collected unicorns: posters, figurines, stuffed animals, you name it! I also called horses “fussies”.
i) I is for Ice Cream. I enjoy this frozen treat, maybe more than I should! My favorite flavor is pistachio in a waffle cone, please.
j) J is for Jennifer. This is my first name. “The Hubby” rarely calls me by my real name. I’m known by him as “The Boo”, “Jen” or “Bunkie”. When he calls me Jennifer, I know he’s being very serious!
k) K is for Key Chain. The key chain I have now I purchased at Six Flags over Georgia about 8 years ago. It’s a ladybug surrounded by a red and green circle.
l) L is for Laughing. Once I start, it’s hard to stop. I really can annoy those around me because I whoop and holler. I enjoy laughing because I laugh all over! Heehee!
m) M is for Mike. This is “The Hubby”’s first name. He doesn’t have a nickname but I do call him “honey”, “baby”, etc. I love his name!
n) N is for Nigel. My favorite “British” name. Don’t know why. I just like the name Nigel.
o) O is for October. I was born October 24th, 1978. My birthstone is an opal, also with an O!
p) P is for Pepper. There is no better spice than “fresh ground” black pepper. YUM!
q) Q is for Quentin Tarrantino. One of my favorite directors. He can be “nasty”, but name one movie as cool as Pulp Fiction!
r) R is for Red. My favorite colors are red, black and white. Red is my first favorite, though!
s) S is for Socks. I have a collection of “funky” socks that I love. They don’t match anything I own. They’re just cute enough on their own. YAY for sockies!
t) T is for Tofu. My main source of protein since I am a vegetarian. Tofu has come so far that sometimes it’s had to tell it from real meat, says “The Hubbby”.
u) U is for Uma Thurman. I have always thought Uma was and is so attractive. Epecially in the Kill Bill series. WOW! Tough chicks kick hiney!
v) V is for Vegetarianism. My eating agenda of choice. “Veggies” are totally AWESOME!
w) W is for Wasabi. Japanese horseradish normally served with pickled ginger and accompanies sushi. I like it mixed with soy sauce or straight up. YES!
x) X “huh”? I can’t think of a fact about myself beginning with an “x”. I’ve used Xerox paper?
y) Y is for the Yucca plant. I enjoy yucca chips. Unusual and tasty.
z) Z is for zebras. I love these animals. Not only is their fur striped black and white, but their skin is striped as well. They’re so beautiful to me.

Well, this was definitely and unusual meme. Hope you’re not bored outta your mind reading about me.

Why don’t you do the “ABC’s of”, too? If you do, come back and let me know so I can learn more about ya!

Happy Thursday!!!