Monday, August 20, 2007

An unexpected piece of art

Saturday afternoon, "The Hubby" brought in the mail.

My friend, Lynda, from One Day At A Time, mailed me this hand-drawn picture. Included with this beautiful rendering of moi, was a sweet note.

I'm so not worthy of this, but I'm overjoyed to have it. I've NEVER had my picture drawn before! (My Gea-Mom drew me as a child, but I have no idea where the rendering is now...)

Lynda used the icon from my profile(left) as a model. Isn't she wonderfully talented?

Thank you so much, Lynda! I am buying a frame for my "Lynda Walldez" orginial today. I'm going to display this in my living room.

Yippppeeee for meeeee!


Fleur de Lisa said...

Wow, that is a wonderful drawing-- she's very talented!

Heart of Rachel said...

What a sweet friend you have. It's a lovely drawing.

Karina said...

Wow that is a beautiful rendering. She is extremely talented. And what a wonderful surprise for you!

Kwizgiver said...


And Jennie--you DO deserve it.


Frances said...

Our Lynda is quite talented isn;t she?
Then again she was drawing a very pretty girl.
Waving at you from an overcast NYC,

Lynda Walldez said...

You totally deserve it Jennie. :) You're the best!

Laane said...

What a great gift!

catching "character" in a painting is very difficult.


Debs said...

That is sooooooo cool! Very talented indeed!! :)