Monday, August 20, 2007

Stuart Smalley Meme

A fellow blogging chick, Kaytabug, tagged me for this "meme". Wonder how she knows I'm a "meme" addict??????

She referred to it as The "Stuart Smalley" Meme. Here goes:

10 Things I like/love about ME!

(This is going to be tough because I don't feel comfortable "tooting my own horn!)

1. I like my toes. "The Hubby" calls them "tippies" and I believe my feet/toes are adorable. They're just the right length, just enough nail, perfect foot length. I love my weekly-pampered feet!

2. I like my dark hair. It is the same color as my Gea-Mom's hair. My hair is fine and baby soft (Thanks, Biolage!) It has a pleasant smell, also. When I'm my mother's age, I hope my hair will look just like hers!

3. I am blessed with nice breasts. They could be a little smaller (DD), otherwise they're perfect. I used to be self-conscious about them, but they are a feature my husband likes about me. Plus, I have a new found love for them since my mother AND mother-in-law had breast cancer.

4. I am creative. I can't draw, paint or sing. I can, however, knit, crochet, write, scrapbook,
make "cards", take pictures and blog. I may not have unlimited funds to pursue all my "interests", but I make do and enjoy them all greatly.
5. I am a good listener. My entire life, I've been the "go-to girl". Whenever someones feeling blue, Jen's there to listen. I don't always have a solution, but I'm a "prayerer". When someone needs prayer, you can bet I'll be the one interceding on their behalf. That's the best action to take anyway.
6. I enjoy being with and hearing from loved ones. My family /friends are EXTREMELY important to me. I love sharing myself and my time with the folks God chose for me to travel through this life with.
7. I have a green thumb. I enjoy taking care of and tending to my plants. They are beautiful to me and I am thankful for them. It's like a little piece of Earth I get to nurture and enjoy.

8. I am a good cook. "The Hubby", and others, have said so on several occasions. I enjoy cooking but eating is my absolute favorite! :)
9. I am a good housekeeper. I don't enjoy dusting or sweeping, but I do enjoy how I feel and how our home looks, when I clean it. Our home is a blessing God has given to us and I try my best to keep it in good condition. (Sometimes I let it get strode, however!)
10. I am a caring, tenderhearted individual. I've also heard this from others before. Someone's pain effects me greatly. I honestly feel regret and sorrow when another is in pain or is suffering in some way. If I could take negativeness away, I would, because it's excruciating for me to see another person suffering.

Well, I did it. It was tough, because, like I said, I don't like "tooting my own horn".

Anyway, thanks, Kaytabug!


Lynda Walldez said...

Your caring nature always touches my heart. :)

lissa said...

All very good qualities, JennieBoo. You sound like a confident individual, and you are creative and funny. I enjoy reading your blog.

Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with the blogger community. Enjoy life!

Jannis said...

J.B I want to live next door to you so badly!!

Anonymous said...

I love you girl! You are awesome!


Laane said...

What a wonderful list.

You're a very caring person...
I value your comments very much!


Debs said...

I did this one too. You are a great person! :)