Monday, August 20, 2007

Manic Monday ~ 8/20/07

What is the biggest transition you've had to make in your life? Having to live with my husband after only living at home with my parents and sister. What a "pleasant" shock.

If you had to be famous for something, what would you choose? I would choose being the one who discovered the cure for cancer. I've known so many loved ones with this horrible illness.

What surprises you most about your life so far? That "The Hubby" still loves and is totally devoted to me, despite my near-death accident. He stuck by me during my recovery. I knew he loved me, but I never knew, until then, just how much so.


Delphine said...

your answers are very close to mine. I'm so glad you've made a recovery from the accident.

I always think to myself when my husband's being difficult that it's easy to "love" someone when everything's perfect, the real test is when something goes wrong or he needs my help and you need to step up to the plate so to speak.

meowminx said...

Your first answer would be like I would've said (if I even thought about it in the first place LOL) - I only lived with my mom before I got married, and I found myself thousands of miles across the Atlantic in a whole new different country. Yes, a big culture shock for me, that one.

I love all your answers, esp your last one :)

Thanks for the welcome back ^_^

Have a good week!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I understand the shock of such a big change. I moved thousands of miles away from all of my family when I married.

I'm so sorry to hear about your accident and hope you are recovered now.

Thanks for playing along and have a great week.

Kwizgiver said...

Your answers are so filled with love.

Desert Diva said...

It's always the woman who sacrifices all for love. ;-) I hope that you've recovered from your accident. Have a wonderful week!

Lynda Walldez said...

It's amazing how the power of love works. You and your husband are so very fortunate to have one another.

Laane said...

Your last answer moved me.
That's the real love.. to stay together when life gets rough.