Sunday, August 05, 2007

This or That?

This or That?
Coke or Pepsi?COKE!
Regular pool or heated pool?Regular pool
Hot tea or ice tea?iced tea
Sunflower or daisy?sunflower
Red rose or pink rose?red rose
Salt or pepper?pepperr
Red or Green Apple?green apple
Red or Blue?red
Christmas or Thanksgiving?Christmas
Pink or Green?green
Hamburger or Hotdogs?SOY burger
Music or Movies?music
Heaven or hell?heaven
Comedy or horror?horror
aol or aim?aol?
ipod or mp3?mp3
Purse or backpack?backpack
Myspace or bebo?Myspace
Parision or Sears?Parisian
Paris or France?Paris
Milky Way or Sneakers?Sneakers
Vanilla or Chocoloate?CHOCOLATE!
Phone or Internet?Internet
Steak or Shrimp?Neither!
School or Work?Work
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Thanks to KWIZGIVER for this meme! Why don't you play, leave me a comment and I'll stop by to see what ya like?!?!??!


Debs said...

I played. :)

lissa said...

Cannot see the text - unless I selected it. I think it is white that's why it can't be seen.

Isn't ipod a mp3? Aren't they the same?

Does it say Sneakers instead of Snickers - the chocolate bar?

I like your choices except for the horror - I would never watch horror movies.