Thursday, August 30, 2007

My & My Sissy

Sibling Survey


do you have any siblings? yes
how many? 1
brothers or sisters? sister
older or younger? younger
older/younger by how many years? 4 years


on a scale of 1-10, how much do they drive you nuts? 1
have you ever considered decking them one good? NEVER!
what do they do that makes you crazy? look smashing in all her clothing
would you rather they be polar opposites or your clone? I like her EXACTLY how she is!
have they ever stolen a bf/gf from you? no
how did you react to that? it's never happened, but if it did THEN I'd deck her one!
have you ever puposely witheld advice from them? no. I only give it when she asks for it.
do you like their friends? yes
are you jealous of them? why/whynot? kinda. She's beautiful, intelligent and a swell dancer!

if you're OLDER

do you give them advice? only when she asked for it.
do you get pissed when they don't take it? nah
are they taller than you? yep
prettier? DEFINITELY!
does that bug you? not really.
do they steal your things? NEVER! All she'd have to do is ask for anything and it's hers.
do you boss them around not now. I did when we were kids.
do they listen to you? yes and vice-versa
do you bully them? I tried not to.
do they get away with EVERYTHING? Do I have to answer this?
do you exclude them from your life? I would NEVER! I couldn't live without my sissy!
is it hard to take advice from them? No
do you think they look up to you? Hopefully not
would you give them a leg-up in high school? of course!



Frances said...

You two look adorable together.
Sending much bloglove your way.
PS I think you are the best - you always visit and always have something nice to say - hugs.

Lynda Walldez said...

Wow, you two look very much alike. :)