Monday, August 06, 2007

My blogging/Good Mail buddy Lynda, from One Day At A Time, sent me some good mail.

I received it this morning.

It was a slip of paper with my nick-name, JennieBoo, drawn on it in multi-colored art pencil. I took it to FedEX Kinko's and had it laminated. Now it's a bookmark!

What 'cha think? Is she talented or what?!?!??!
It is a beautiful font Lynda came up with herself.

If you are interested in any of Lynda's wonderful art expressions, (including drawing, photography, poetry, etc.) please stop by her blog. (I linked to it above)

THANK YOU SO MUCH LYNDA!!!!!!!! This made my day :)


Kwizgiver said...

That is a great bookmark! How thoughtful... and fun!!

Wicked H said...

It's lovely, enjoy!!

swamp witch said...

What a creative, thoughtful 'lil friend you have. Great idea to laminate it and make a bookmark out of it.

Kayelyn said...

How cool. I love what she did, too.

Lynda Walldez said...

Wow, you made it into a bookmark? Koolies. Glad you enjoyed it. :D

Debs said...

That is just the best! :)

Karina said...

That's so cool! And very sweet! I love getting anything in the mail that isn't junk or bills, but something personalized like that must have totally made your day!