Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Fifteen

Friday Fifteen
Today, I'll be listing 15 items in my make-up bag:

1. Infallible Make-Up

2. Cover Girl Sheer Minerals loose powder

3. powder brush

4. eyebrow brush

5. Concealer

6. Cover Girl Blush

7. Maybeline Mascara

8. Bonne Bell Clear Lip Gloss
9. Wet N Wild Eye Compact

10. Cover Girl dark brown Expert Eyeliner

11. Rimmel Eye Make-Up Remover

12. Cover Girl Simply Powder foundation

13. Mauve Lipliner

14. Cotton Balls/ Q-Tips

15. Foundation Sponges

I'm a regular "Super Model", eh?
Happy Weekend, all!


Cat. said...

Hey there! I'm cracking up because you've got me so totally beat on the makeup bag thing. I don't even know where mine is for sure!

I'm sure I'll be back reading the rest of your Friday memes.... ;-)

Jen said...

I'm with Cat, lol. So Super Model compared to moi!