Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Blog of the Month" Award

My blogging buddy, Lynda,@ "One Day At A Time", awards monthly awards for The Blog of the Month.

Via her blog:

"I have finally started the Blog of the Month Awards. Please post your nominations here, whether they are for your blog or another person's blog. You can only nominate yourself once for one blog, but you can nominate multiple other blogs at once as long as it is only one blog per person.

Every blog that wins blog of the month gets a nice little badge to show off on their own blog. Winners are determined by the amount of nominations. Otherwise my own personal opinion. In the event of a tie, both blogs will get voted on as a tiebreaker. Once a blog has won Blog of the month, it cannot be nominated again until the next year. Nominations begin on the 1st of every month and are valid for that month. All nominations will be counted on the second to last day of that month (until 12am PST) and the winner announced the next day. If a blog does not win Blog of the Month, they can get nominated again for the next month.

There will also be a Blog of the Year Award, which is awarded at the end of each year. The yearly winner gets a cash prize in US dollars (that I pay out of my own pocket). Yearly winners are determined by the amount of votes on the monthly winners thus far.

So start nominating other blogs, and don't forget to tell your friends to nominate you as well. The more the merrier."

If you are interested in nominating a blog(s) to receive The Blog of the Month award, please click HERE.


Lynda Walldez said...

Wow, thanks for spreading the word Jennie! :D

Debs said...

I will be checking this out more. :)

TY TY TY TY For the goodies. I posted a pic on my blog. I LOVE them!! You are just the sweetest person! :)

I should have your envelope out next week. ;)