Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tina's Tuesdays: Web Junkie

Are you a web junky? Why or why not? Probably not. I like to get on the Internet to check email, check out my friend's blogs and post or download pictures. I'm not much for surfing or playing games, anymore. I used to be however, then I realized I was neglecting my other responsibilities.

How much time do you estimate you spend on the web? Around 1 1/2 to to 2 a day.

Where can we find you around the net? (ie: facebook, flickr, mybloglog, etc) I can be found on my blog, http://osomolove.blogspot.com/


pussreboots said...

I am dependent on the web as I'm a web producer (that's a web designer who also has to manage people and assets) by trade. So for my job I'm online 45 hours a week.

Beyond that though, I'm not as addicted as some. Sure, I blog daily but I'm really not into the social networking side of things (myspace, facebook, etc.) Nor do I do online gaming or downloading of music or movies.