Thursday, July 05, 2007

Our July Fourth FUN!

We had a wonderful Fourth of July this year.

I'm going to post some pictures we snapped while celebrating with my parents:
Me and my Gea-Mom

The Grillin' Guys: My Bob & "The Hubby".My sissy, Candice & her hubby, Steven. They're joined at the lips!

The Hor Dovre table. (Snacks before the meal)

(French onion dip, artichoke dip and vegan bean dip, complete with crackers, potato chips and tortilla chips.)


The Guys, relaxin'. (L to R: Mike, Steve-O & Bob)

We all had a wonderful, "FILLING" time!

After eating, we played Cranium and Gea-Mom danced around....It was hilarious!

We visited "The Hubby"'s mom and mowed her grass. I visited with her for about 2 hours, but she didn't let me take pictures. :(

It was a wonderful Fourth of July. I know I'm looking forward to many, many more!


Calabrisella said...

AAAWWW! la famiglia!
che bel giorno!

happy 4th of july!