Thursday, July 05, 2007

I checked my email this morning and I had received an email from a fellow "SHE WHO BLOGS" member, meli2626.

She had a project she thought our group would enjoy participating in.

"Thought I'd share this with everyone:

Face Your Pockets Project, in which you scan the objects from your bag. You can email them images you've created.

Here's my (Meli2626's) link to my post with my photo:

Find out more info at: "

I couldn't fit all my purse stuff into one scan, so I scanned twice. Here we go:

Here's the run down of what's in my purse: (I'm starting on the left)

1. cell phone
2. old fortune from a fortune cookie
3. eyelash curler
4. breast cancer awareness lipstick
5. red lip gloss
6. brown eyeliner pencil
7. my left hand (see my bridal set?!??!?!)
8. brown lipstick
9. watch
10. pen
11. marker
12. nail polish
13. Naproxen Sodium

Now the right side:

14. sanitary napkin
15. chapstick
16. comb
17. Vaseline(r) lotion
18. Tampon
19. toe ring
20. pen
21. face powder
22. Sonic(r) peppermint
23. wallet
Well, there ya have it. How did I fit all that stuff in my purse anyway? Oh, well...


dawn said...

That is quite the purse load. I was tagged in my first week of blogging, but the thought of facing my purse as well as the thought of trying to do photos, overwhelmed me. I think it would still be that way. I appreciate you sharing. Happy TT.

lissa said...

Thanks JennieBoo for mentioning me (meli2626, please call me Lissa).

I also have a ton of things in my bag that I did not scan in. Somehow I just can't live with any one item.

Your list is quite long, how do you fit it all in?