Thursday, July 05, 2007

3x Thursday

3x Thursday: 07/05/y2k+7
Now Vs. Then

1. As an adult, do you feel the same about holiday's off from work versus the way you felt when you got them off for school? How so/how not? I enjoyed them more when I was off from school. I'm unsure why. Maybe EVERYTHING seemed better when I was a child. Excitement when I was a child was all together different from the excitement I feel now.

2. What about birthdays? Do you view them differently now as you get older? Why/why not? When I was little, I just wanted to get older and older. Now that I'm an adult, I realize how easy I had it as a child. Now I just want to get younger again! When I was little, parties and such were different than now. I enjoy parties and all now, but when you're a child, it's just DIFFERENT!

3. New releases: Remember how psyched you were when you heard that your favorite band was coming out with a new album on a certain date? Do you still feel that same kind of excitement now? Why/why not? Yes, I still get psyched! Music for me is a very personal and wonderful outlet. When I hear a new album is coming out, it's like a new range of experience is heading my way. FUN!
Back in the day.....