Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ata Boy Bob!

This morning, my Bob brought the message to Highland Home Baptist Church (Parker's on vacation).

Bob spoke on John 6. His sermon was entitled: "The Crowd". He spoke on how the crowd, while being spoke to by Jesus, were excited about what they thought He would do. Jesus told them they had missed the point. The crowd then got somewhat pensive, being told what THEY wanted wasn't what wasn't what Jesus was going to do. Then, after being told this, the crowd decided to leave Jesus because He wasn't what THEY wanted. He was left with only the 12.

Bob applied this parable to modern life and how we want Jesus to do what WE want, not what is good for us.

I was so proud of my Bob. His sermon was easy to understand, based on scripture and was delivered very well.

The Lord used Bob beautifully and was well-pleased with his humbleness, I'm sure.

It was such a blessing hearing him deliver such a wonderful sermon.