Saturday, July 01, 2006

Thursday morning, Candice finalized her teaching job by signing a contract with Hooper Academy's Headmaster, Mr. Nibblet. She is officially an English teacher at a private school.
She told me she's glad to have gotten a job in her field and with the benefits, job security, summer hiatus, etc. She will be teaching there and Steven plans on being the full-time Youth minister at Liberty Church of Christ. If so, they will be working and living in Hope Hull/Pintala after their wedding.
They've found a house for rent about 5 miles from Liberty. If everything works out, they'll be set. I'm sooooooooooo excited for both of them!!!!!!!!!
After I get to see her classroom, I'll post some photos and describe it to ya.
I'm really looking forward to this for her. I'm also a little anxious. I know she'll do exceptionally well, as ever, but if the kids don't, I worry about what effect it will have on Candice. It can be hard to teach kids that could care less, Mike has told me. And if one of those little brats is mean to her, I'll hire someone to kick some booty! (ha ha)
I want this to be a pleasant, wonderful experience for Candice. I pray it will be.
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