Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fourth of July Barbecue

Today, the Fourth of July, we followed tradition and went to celebrate at Jerry & Peytie's (my hubby's brother & sister-in-law).

Apart from Jerry, Peytie and their daughter Jennifer (like me!!), my parents were there, Candice & Steve-O, Parker & Tanja, Cindy, Steve & Sarah, Peytie's sister Bobbie and Peytie's mother. Later, some more of Peytie's family showed up (I am unsure of their names.)

Jerry grilled chicken and ribs. We had squash casserole, Santa Fe salad, mac & cheese, baked beans, bbq bread, green salad & assorted snack dips and spreads. There were also several desserts and every soda imaginable.

We stuffed ourselves silly and some folks swam. I didn't because I can't find a swimsuit in my "tarp" size. (bummer)

We had a great lunch/barbecue and I can hardly wait until next year! (Yay!!!)