Monday, May 22, 2006

I was in the middle of typing and my computer flaked out..........sorry


*Yesterday, we day tripped to Tallasee, Auburn, Notasulga and Tuskegee. Mike drove across a dam 9,000 times and I freaked out (in Tallasee). We found Monster Mountain<----whee! He had 3 Checkers burgers in Auburn. And, we drove through Notasulga and Tuskegee. The University was lovely, but the roads were awful. Needless to say, our hineys were dead after all that riding.

And that's that. I guess you're pretty much caught up.

Oh! I have been selling hemp jewelry on e-bay and have done well so far. Let's hope I can get rid of it all!

I feel better, so I'll try to get back into posting.

Sorry for the delay. : (