Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm baaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I've been gone awhile. Sorry!

I've been sick for about a week and a half. No energy, sleeping 14+ hours a day (just like Cleo!), sniffling, sneezing and no sense of taste. I caught it from my hubby even though I tried really hard to keep everything disinfected. No luck! He got over it Sunday and I started feeling bad Monday afternoon. JOY!!!!!!!

Okay, try to catch you up.

*Candice, Gea-Mom and I found Candice a dozen beautiful gowns on the 12th. She said she'd TRY to narrow down the broad spectrum. (Good Luck!)

*Jason and Heather were married Saturday, May 13th. It was held at Highland Home Baptist Church and Jason had so many guests, that some of Heather's had to stand. It was quick, simple and elegant. They both looked beautiful. Jason's SUV got "decorated" well too! I just hope all the paint came off! Parker officiated, to my surprise. Everyone was there except Steve(Cindy's husband) and Pop*duh* (Mike's father). Jason said they will be vacationing in Destin with Heather's parents in June.

*Mother's Day was nice. We visited my parents at church, had lunch at Country's BBQ in Troy, visited the graveyard and gave Gea-Mom her gifts at home. She got: a subscription to Better Homes & Gardens, A picture frame, a blue purse, wind song, jontue, a picture flower pot, a chicken kitchen set, and Bob gave her a sapphire and diamond circle pendant. Nice haul!
We then visited Moma-Doris at her house. It was raining when we got there, so we visited inside. We saw Heather & Jason there. We also saw Cindy, Sarah, Jerry, Peytie, Jennifer, Parker & Tanja. Jonathan & Nicole came by before we got there. We gave Moma-Doris a picture frame, some towels/bath cloths, & a pet calendar I made. She really seemed to like them. We visited for a while and then came home. It was nice.

*All last week I was sick. I slept most of the week away. :(

*Wilma's battery died Tuesday, so Bob got another one. He installed it Tuesday afternoon.

*Saturday morning, Mike took the State test for an IT position. He thinks he did well. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! We saw the DaVinci Code<---no big whoop. We went to the bookstore Saturday night and got home around 9:00. It was a nice day.