Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anniversary Info....

Gosh, I'm REALLY excited! Thursday, May 25, is our 4th wedding anniversary.

Sometimes, it doesn't feel as if we've been together this long. It seems longer and shorter at times. Either way, I'm soooooooooo blessed to be with my Mikey-Baby.

Tonight, Gea-Mom & Bob came by and celebrated our anniversary with us. they gave us a beautiful card, a wonderful dinner at Napoli II(here in Montgomery) AND a patio swing with cushions! It's PERFECT!!!!!!

The swing is a two seater with a cover over head. Bob and Mike constructed it while Gea-Mom & I watched and cheered them on. I took pics with my digital camera and will post them here as soon as I download them on the other computer.

Also, Mike told me we will be staying in a bed and breakfast on our trip to Birmingham Friday and Saturday. If you'd like to check it out the link is below. I hope we'll be staying in The Zebra Room.....check it out at their home page:


Anyway, I'll let ya know more info as I find out.

Yay!!!!! I LOVE our new swing!Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!