Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We had such a wonderful Easter this year!!

After waking up @ 4:00 a.m., which I am not used to, we got ready and traveled down to Highland Home Baptist Church. We met Bob, Gea-Mom and Imos (Candice's nickname) there. We attended the sunrise service, which Parker preached wonderfully, despite the fact that he is as sick as can be.

As Imos, Gea-Mom, Mike and I chatted at a nearby table, some of the men of the church cooked breakfast in between sunrise service and the Easter Play. We had flapjacks, sausages, bacon, juice and cupcakes. (the best part was the blueberry and strawberry syrups) Yumm-A!

After breakfast, Imos left to go attend services with Steven and his family. The church then performed an Easter play (written by Gea-Mom) in celebration of this most holy day. Everyone dressed up and performed beautifully. The special music was also a wonderful blessing. (As a side note: Bob portrayed Judas and sported a black costume beard. It was spooky and I didn't like it.)

We then went to Bob and Gea-Mom's house. Jen, Mike and Jen's parents had a delicious lunch. Grilled Hamburgers and hotdogs, french fries, corn salad, condiments and a special hotdog sauce Mike brought. We all had banana pudding for dessert (a lil' later).

Then, I had the best time! Bob hid Easter eggs and I hunted for them. They were all over the front yard. Bob and Gea-Mom looked on as I hunted eggs and Mike walked with me to take pictures and to keep me from falling. It was just like it was when I was little. (Except that I'm much fatter, I'm married and I'm 27!) Yay for Me!!!!!!!!!!!After my "egg"capade, we sat under the cedar tree, out front, and goofed it up while playing with Ellie Mae.

Later, Imos and Steven came by and visited with us. They told us all about the youth retreat they attended Friday evening and Saturday. Steven made it all the way through the challenging obstacle course. After dashing, running, canoeing and other assorted fun things, Imos said she was tired and sore. Seven hours of sleep in two days I'm sure didn't help, either.

After packing up some left-over yum yums, Mike and I went to Moma Doris' house. We visited outside with Moma Doris, Cindy, Jennifer, Peytie and Jerry. Pop stayed inside and watched t.v.
After visiting for awhile, Mike and I went home. We had a leftover-dinner and went to "sleepytimes" around 8:00.

What a wonderful Easter! Not only did we celebrate with our family, but we got to honor Jesus' death and resurrection. It was all such a great blessing!