Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lotsa Stuffa

Well, I have "Lots" going on and have had stuff going on, too.

Saturday, I cut 4 inches of my hair off. It's just below my chin and I love it! It is soooooo much cooler and it doesn't wrap around my neck when I sleep at night. Mike says I look like a 50's girl because my hair's so dark and my skin's so fair. I bought some huge sunglasses and when I wear them, I look like Jackie O. (Whom I've ALWAYS believed was classy and beautiful, no matter what age she was.) Everyone has said it's pretty, but are they just being nice? I'm 27 and this is the shortest my hair has EVER been. Yay for me!

Mike has decided to go into business for himself. He is selling "hippie stuff" at Santuck the first Saturday in May. Incense & holders, peppermints (for free I believe) and hemp jewelry. Right up MY alley! He's going to have tie-dyed tablecloths and I get to "hippiefy" the sign: Incense & Peppermint. (Thanks Gea-Mom for the cool name and reminding us of that song!) I'm so excited and I hope we do well. I want to sell some homemade peppermint bark. is so good!

This Saturday I have to take ANOTHER State test. (This is #4) This one is for accounting clerk. The test is 3 1/2 hours long but I have finished the others in about 45 minutes. It's always at Lee High School and it ruins my yard sailing excursions on Saturday mornings..........bummer!

Saturday, Mike is going with some friends to Atlanta. They'll be competing in a Magic team match. I really wanted to go, but I have a test, :( Mike and two other guys, I believe. I hope they do well and win some moolah!

This Friday, Candice, Gea-Mom & I are finalizing Candice's wedding gown. We're doing this so next week, when we shop for Bridesmaid dresses, they'll go well with the Bridal gown. Yay photo-ops! Yeah, like Candice said, everything is a photo-op!

Well, aside from doing some planting, that's about it. See ya later, alligator!