Saturday, April 15, 2006

Montgomery's Mann Museum

During Zoo weekend, Mike purchased a "Zoo Friends" membership. Now we can get into Montgomery's Zoo for free and at other zoos and aquariums at discounted prices elsewhere around the country. I was pleasantly surprised when he told me!

This morning we decided to take advantage of our membership, since it's such a beautiful day. While there, we decided to visit the Mann Outdoors Museum. Wow!

I thought I would be freaked out by the stuffed animals, and I was a little, but it was so informative. I learned so much about diferent animals native to North America. Not only could you see the exhibits, there were even "touch" exhibits as well.

If you, dear reader, have never visited this jewel, do so!!! Check out the link below and by all means, give it a gander. It's well worth it!

P.S. Mony, you can photograph! What could be better?