Friday, April 14, 2006

Imos' Girls

Candice, aka Imos, got her bridesmaid together today for lunch at Ming's Garden. We discussed wedding colors, dress styles and how good our Chinese food was. Yum!

Amy, Carrie, Candice and I are all sooooooooooo excited about the wedding. (2/17/07)

I plan on keeping ya posted as to our senanigans as we search for "the perfect bridesmaid gown".
(The search commenses May 5th.....wish us luck!) All I know is that it will be pink and will have no taffeta (per my request). Candice has good taste (& so does Steven) so I'm not worried.

FUN FACT: Carrie is the same height as me (5'4")! So I won't have to be the shortest attendant! But, the best man is shaped like Steve-O; tall and thin. I'm short and dumpy. Big Fun!

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!! Almost as much as I was for my own wedding!