Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where were you? - #03

"Here goes the third edition!!! I am very happy to see how many people played last week. Some of them, like Matthew from One old Green Bus, had a post that I just found today when I went to Technorati! By the way, check his blog, it's one of the most original I've seen..." ~from Gabriel

OK, now on to the game. Today's is "Where were you for Geeks!" Where were you...

1) ...When Microsoft released MS Vista and Office 2007 (30/Jan/2007):
To quote my hubby "A complete piece of "$&*@"! He hates Vista. He's forced to use it at work and tells me daily of it's irritating "features". Lemme see, January of last year I was bundled up, cleaning our humble abode no doubt. Nothing very exciting I'm afraid.

2) ...When Nintendo 64 is released in Europe (01/Mar/1997):
In March of 1997 I was a Senior in highschool. I had yet to met my Prince Charming. I can remember one of my guy friends being so jazzed about the 64. I was trying to imporve my ACT scores. A 29 wasn't apparently good enough to obtain a schloarship......

3) ...When the construction of the Channel Tunnel (aka Euro Tunnel) began (01/Dec/1987):
I was in the third grade. No doubt learning my multiplication tables. I can remember how I had a crush on my classmate Jeremy and how much he loved my long, straight hair. In March 1988, my teacher, Miss Thomas, was killed in an automoblie accident. :(
Thanks Gabriel! See you next week!


Gabriel said...

Thank you for playing, JennieBoo! Next week's game will be dedicated to you. I will figure out a way... :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with your husband about Vista!