Monday, April 21, 2008

Manic Monday Revisited....

Well, Manic Monday is up now, so I'm playing along.

Who is the black sheep in your family/group? Me & Mike on all accounts....go figure.

If you were a character from a book, what character would you be? I wish I was Scout Finch from "To Kill a Mockingbird". She's my all-time favorite literary character.

What's your favorite accent? I have a thing for Australian accents. I think they're so sexy in men and women!


Gabriel said...

Australian and New Zealand accents are really interesting, I like them as well.

Crikey! :-)

My post today. Happy manic Monday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet BabyJen,

I do not think that You are the black sheep in our family. If You think that You are - YOU ARE NOT!!!

Love You,
da "BoB"

Teena in Toronto said...

Despite it being a classic, I've never read "To Kill a Mockingbird".

I played too :)