Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Bug for 4/3/2008

Okay, my bug for today is one I feel strongly about. (Sorry, hubby!)

I am sick and tired of working around our house and NEVER getting praise for it.

I dust (which I abhor), sweep, vacuum, mop, polish, scrub, make beds, hang out, take in, fold and hang laundry. I cook ALL the meals. I clean the kitchen & both bathrooms. I buy groceries (with help...I have to admit this). I buy and use ALL the cleaning supplies. I straighten and put things away constantly. I comb and brush the cat (which I do enjoy!).

Just an occasional "Good Job!" is all I ask (that and maybe some flowers sometimes).

There, I feel better. Thank goodness for this week's BUG!

And no, I'm not on my (you know). I'm just a little tired of not being appreciated.