Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Room 101 4/2/2008

Okay, I'm probably going to offend someone and I apologize in advance.
I am sick of the race for President here in America. I mean, come on! November is, like, 7 months away, and I will be forced to listen to Hillary & Barrack mud-sling at each other the ENTIRE summer, while John McCain doesn't have any opposition. I am tired of it already and it hasn't even started yet! Ugghhhh!


John said...

I'm really sorry, it's probably our fault.
It's funny - over here in the UK, we seem to have got really caught up in it.
It does seem like a fairly endless process (and I think I've actually heard some on your side of the pond say that at least we get our elections over with faster) but there's such a general sense of disillusionment with the political process over here, I think that's why we're so hooked on what's happening in your country.

BHB said...

Right on Sista! I totally agree. We had our elections recently (Aus) and I was well and truly sick and tired of it.