Thursday, April 10, 2008

Okay, what's your name?:Jennifer
Nickname?:Bunkie, Boo, Jen, Tater, Faddle, Sweet BabyJen, JennieBoo, Jennie
Guy or girl?:girl
What color undies are you wearing?:lime green
What time is it?:9:32 am
Have you ever been kissed? What was it like?:yes. WONDDERFUL!
Are you in love?:yes
Did you ever eat a crayon?:no
How many pairs of shoes do you have?:15 or so
Do you use floss?:yes
How many doors are their in your house?:8
Do you have a myspace?:yeah, but I don't post on it anymore.
What's your screen name?:JennieBoo
Would you rather have a huge project, or tons of homework?:a Huge project
Are you OCD?:no
About what?:see above answer
Your best friend?:Mike
If u had to write a story of your favorite place, what would that place b?:at my childhood home
Do you like to take surveys?:yes
Truthfully, is it because you have no life?:yes, sadly. I usually do them when I'm bored.
What are you curently looking forward to?:my wedding anniversary
What was the last thing you said?:Love you
What are your school colors?:I've graduated, but they were white and royal blue
Is your school small or big?:it was average
Do you have a favorite outfit?:my pj's
Favorite sugary food?:choclate!
Favorite color?:red
Okay, done with the favorites for a while. Do you like answering favorites?:I guess
Now the question I can't avoid asking. Who would u wanna b tied to 4 24hrs?:my husband
Do you have dry skin?:yes, my legs and feet, mostly
How's your love life?:okay
How many questions should a survey have to make it a good one?:at least 20 or so
Have you ever made a survey?:no
Clasic or modern?:classic
Gross or nasty?:gross
Short or tall?:short
Big or small?:big
Do you prefer using tape, glue stick, glue gun, or glue bottle?:all four
Quizzes, tests, or surveys?:quizzes
Do you like to read?:yes
Would you rather direct, act in, or write a movie?:write
Why?:I could be totally creative
What's your "dream job"?:horticultralist
How old are you? (have I already asked this??):29
Boxers or briefs?:briefs
Would you rather swim with sharks or alligators?:sharks, I guess
Is you father a good man?:the best!
What's your favorite music genre?:classic rock
What makes Bzoink better then other survey sites?:variety of stuff
You fart. How do you cover it up?:Get away as quick as possible!
Does someone have a crush on you? Do you like them back?:I hope! YEP!
Now for some either ors! Color or black and white?:color
Past, present, or future?:past
Shorts or skirt?:shorts
Cat or dog?:cat
Pain or no gain?:no gain!
Sports or arts?:arts
Good posture or bad?:bad...I'm so naughty
Christmas or your birthday?:Christmas
Do you have a religion? If so, what?:yes. Baptist
Did you/do you like pokemon?:not really
What about Yu-gi-oh?:nope
Have any pets?:1 cat, Miss Cleo Ann
Discribe yourself in 3-5 words::dumpy, short, emotional, needy & unbalanced
Discribe your best friend in 3-5 words::handsome, loving, hard-working, sensitive & sometimes neglectful
Do you have a favorite cousin?:yes
Are you feet gross?:no, not when they're clean
Arent all feet gross?:no
Do you have pretty eyes?:yes, I've been told so
What's the sweetest compliment you've ever recived?:I love and adore you for you, not for what what you do for me.
The nicest?:see above
The meanest?:You're a real B*&ch
Do you give compliments often?:yes
When there's and awkward silence, what do bring up? (Ex; the weather):childhood memories
Pet peves?:eating with an open mouth, stupid driving & alcoholics/drug addicts
What do you hate?:dusting!
And what do you love?:my "loved" ones
Who do you hate?:Adolf Hitler
Why?:isn't it obvious?
What's the best quality a person could have?:empathy
Do you have that quality?:yes, I think I do
Serious or goofy?:goofy
Unique and weird or sane and normal?:unique and weird
What's your favorite season?:autumn
What are your initials?:JDHB
What is the last thing you wrote?:my grocery list
Do you regret it?:no
Are you lying?:no
Are you lying about lying?:no
Okay, enough with that... why do you take surveys?:To cure boredom and find out some stuff about myself.
What's the most annoying question a person could ask?:Are you a virgin?
Have I asked this question you hate so much?:not yet :)
I'm sorry If that's the case...:it's okay....I forgive you.
Do you say thankyou? Please? Sorry?:yes
How long does it take you to get ready for school/work in the morning?:about 30 minutes or so
Are you a morning person?:after I wake all the way up, yes
What's your favorite female name? Male?:Madeline Benjamin
Are you wearing socks?:no
What color is your toothbrush?:purple
Do surveys control your life?:no
Do they make you feel like you know yourself better?:yes
Have you ever been to a therapist?:yes
Doctor? (I hope so.. If not maybe you should consider scheduling a visit!):yes
Dentist?:every 6 months
When you read, do you create a picture inside your head?:yes
Are you tired right now?:yes
What's your mood?:I'm content and just chillin'
Do you like your name?:yes
Do you need a masuse?:ALWAYS!
Is this survey becoming too looooonnnnng?:not really
Do you email?:yes
What's the reason for the email address you have?:it's my screen name and birth year
Do you have any nervous habbits?:I chew my nails and cry when I'm nervous/upset
What are you plans for today/tonight?:just chilling, I guess
Do you like to shop?:yes, I'm a woman!
What's the worst injury you've ever had?:I broke my neck
What's the worst injury you've ever given someone?:a bruise?
Does this prove the theroy of karma, or not?:I really don't know
Are you addicted to anything?:surfing the net and my husband
What's your favorite ice cream flavor?:chocolate!
Do you wear contacts or glasses?:glasses
Do you have homework you should be doing?:no
Are you married?:yes
Do you type fast?:not anymore
Do you sit in the front or the back of the class?:I used to
If I ended these questions right now, would you be sad?:kinda
Do you read classic books?:yes
Rite aid, CVS, or wallgreens?:I shop at all three
Walmart, Target, or Kohls?:Target
Are you a failure in life?:I hope not!
Do you cover who you actually are?:sometimes
Wooops! You droped yor cell phone! What do you do/say?:I say "puff" and pick it up & make sure it's okay.
What time is it?:9:56 am
Well, that's all folks! Did you have fun?:YES!