Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cockroaches a la Skewer

So. last night, "the hubby" and I sat up our t.v. trays and had supper while watching the travel channel. There was a show on about pizza, one of "the hubby's" favorite foods.

So, we were chowing down this commerical comes on for Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman.
He actually eats a skewered cockroach off a skewer!!!! (If you know me, you know cockroaches are my mortal enemy.)

Anywho, what I want to know is: Why on earth did they run that commercial at 5:30 on a weeknight? I never thought I would be so grossed out at a commercial that I would want to quit eating, but I was.

Grossed out much. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


manilenya said...

next time don't watch TV at the dinner time lol!

He actually eating cockroach? yewwwww!!