Thursday, March 06, 2008

1. Do you believe in creationism or evolution? Which one makes more sense to you? Why? I believe in Creationism. Being a Christian and studying my Bible gives credence to the belief that everryone has been and will be created by God. Also, I believe that as intricant and amazing as even the simplest form of life is, lends itself to the assumption that all things were created. I do believe, however, that a kind of "evolution" has taken place, due to the fact that people have gotten larger since even the 1800's. Small variations of this sort leds me to believe in a form of evoultion. However, I do not believe mankind evolved from a monkey or such.

2. Which philosophy do you think should be taught in the classroom to the munchkins? Why? I don't believe it should be the task of schools to teach this sort of subject, at least in primary, grammar, jr. high and high schools. This form of education should be taught to a more mature student body.Then, on a purely self-choice basis and to weigh the pros and cons of ALL beliefs. Also, how can one be "graded" on such a subject? Someone's philosophicals beliefs are extremely personal. If doctrine of this sort MUST be taught, maybe it should be taught at home or in Sunday school. This is a difficult question. I don't believe these sorts of subjects should be dealt with the way Math or Science is dealt with.

3. Do you think the human race will evolve beyond what we are now? Why/why not? Please refer to my answer to questio #1. I believe we will adapt to our surroundings, yes. I do not, however, believe we will evolve into telekenitic, super-human "Gods". Who's to say life will last that long anyway? At the rate we're going, we'll succeed in killing the earth, or each other, long before that. We certainly have "evolved" haven't we?


Miss Emily said...

Just a note. Believing in God absolutely does not preclude believing in evolution. It's one of the many reasons I love being Catholic. It's much more accepted among Catholics to believe in evolution. I don't nececssarily believe I came from a monkey. As for school: Evolution should be taught for what it is: a theory. No one had a videocamera, we can't say exactly what happened. But it's school and we talk about things like that...religion has no place in public school so a teacher (I'm one of them too) should not even touch creationism or ID in school. I do believe we're good enough to be able to make educated guesses about the age of the earth and whatnot. I mean, to be a Biblical literalist you have to believe that the earth is 6000 years old. We aren't that perfect. God certainly didn't create super amazing creatures. We have all sorts of flaws. But those with the major flaws will die out. Survival of the fittest. It just happens. And evolutionists don't necessaerily believe in this "telekinetic superhuman" people that you talk about. I've never heard of that before.

Anyway, I just wanted to put in my two cents. I'm an adamant believer that evolution is the closest thing we have to the truth, and that the Bible is not to be taken entirely literally. Every civilization has a creation story. They write stories to explain what's going on around them. Being so narrow about the whole thing really limits our understanding of the text and its nuances.

Melanie said...

I agree 100% with your answers!