Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ten on Tuesday 2/12/2008

1. Mudslinging for political gain.
2. Empty promises.
3. Millions of dollars spent on campaigns that should be used to better means.
4. Promises that arre unattainable.
5. Thousands of hours spent by the media probing into the candiate's lives.
6. Average Americaans merely backing a candidate because a certain celebrity does.
7. Poltical party "advisors" belittling and berating the opposite parties.
8. Candidates lives being total ransacked.
9. NIINE months (+) of campagining.
10. Only facing our ccountry's problems for political gain.
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Sunfire said...

Nice list, and gorgeous little blog you have here!

I had to skim some of the other list-makers to be able to finish my own list, and yours was one of those.

Mine should be up soon, if you want to see.