Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"ME" meme

My Bluddie (blog + buddie) Debs from Deb's Melon Patch, tagged me for the 5 ME meme. You are supposed to list 5 things about yourself that you never have before. Okay, here goes:

1. Sometimes I watch "Days of Our Lives".Why? I don't know...I'm bored? It's so predictable I can miss a day and it's no big deal. I don't actually WATCH it, I have it on in the background. You know, for noise.

2. Even though I've been a vegetarian for 15+ years, sometimes I have cravings for hamburgers or barbecue.
Especially when I smell them grilling. I wonder what it'll be like when I'm pregnant?

3. I have picked up cursing from "The Hubby". I don't curse in everyday conversations, but when I get upset, or when I break my toe, I let 'em fly. I'm embarrassed and feel guilty afterward, always!

4. I don't enjoy writing stories. I like quick little tidbits, but I'm not much of a writer. I really never have been. I guess that's why I enjoy blogging. Quick little tidbits and I'm on my way....

5.Everyone in our families are Republicans. Mike and I are Democrats. I'm more of a conservative democrat, however. I think my views are personal and I try not to stir folks up until they ask my opinion. "The Hubby" on the other hand.....

Debs tagged 7 folks, but I feel like tagging 5 because I'm truly evil! (Did you know that?) Here are my five victims:


Be sure to let me know when you have done this meme. I want to hop by and check 'em out!


Debs said...

Great answers! :)

I tend to be more of a conservative Democrat myself. Robocop is a hard core Republican. He looks strictly at parties. I look more at issues. We get into some heated debates at times, but in the end we agree to disagree. *LOL* We do agree on some issues, so it is not all bad. Just don't tell him I said that. *LOL*

I did my desktop meme. :)

Special K ~Toni said...

This one I'll do- cause I LOVE to talk about me!

Frances said...

I'll get cracking on it.
Bet you're watching Days of Our Lives right now!

soleil said...

i like to watch days of our lives sometimes too. i used to keep up with it more in high school. but the slowness of it drives me crazy! so i usually just read the updates in the paper or catch an episode here and there on soapnet.
i have been veg for 13 years and i do like the smell of barbecue but i only have cravings for chicken sandwiches sometimes.

Karina said...

Thanks for the tag Jennie. I'm in the middle of my 200 things about me posts, so I'll save this one for later...but I will do it! :D

Kwizgiver said...

It took me a while--but I'm up!