Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Week 112

13 Things I guess I should be doing:

1. Dusting (uuugghhhh!)
2. Organizing Kitchen Cabinets
3. Cleaning Out The Fridge
4. Organizing Digital Pictures I've Taken
5. Commenting On Other's Blogs (sorry, I'm just so dern lazy!)
6. Combing Miss Cleo Ann
7. Sweeping Off The Front Patio
8. Cleaning Out My Closet
9. Straightening Out The Outdoor Storage Closets
10. Vaccuming The Stairs
11. Painting My Toenails
12. Washing The Curtains In Our Bedroom
13. Cleaning Out The Inside Of My Car
I know, I know....I'll do it all LATER!


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

LOL - good luck getting it all done! :)

Mitchypoo said...

Been there, done that! Great TT!

Minkydo said...

I have just about the same to do list on my fridge. (lol)

JennieBoo said...

Chores always seem to mount up.

I think it's a conspiracy. Don't you?

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Why procrastinate now what you can put of for tomorrow???

Julie said...

I can relate to this list!! (except for #11)

Noelle said...

Hi, I suppose I have things I guess I should be doing, well not really. Which poll widget service are you using? Or did you make your own? I did a TT list too, it's here:

Andrea said...

haha!! That sounds like me!! I have so much to do...but just a few seconds on the blogs first, right?

JennieBoo said...

I agree, Doubledecker! Doing stuff in a timely manner is over-rated!

Julie: I had to throw in some pamper time. Otherwise, I won't get it!

Noelle: I'll send you some info on my poll...thing is, it's on my blogger page elements prompt.I don't want to do any of my stuff, THAT'S my problem! :D

Andrea: Yes, I agree. Blogging is relaxing, to me. I always seem to find the time to do it!

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Happy Weekend!

Melanie said...

Sounds like my to-do list. Well, except for combing Miss Cleo Ann- but I should probably comb Dottie.

Hope you get all your work done. I love that cartoon!!

JennieBoo said...

Thanks, Melanie.

I thought the cartoon personified my feelings towards lists of things to do!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Nicholas said...

Did you do it all later??

JennieBoo said...

Nahhhh (Aflac goat voice)

But maybe I will later! Maybe not is more likely!