Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday "Bug" ~9/13/2007~

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It bugs me that my toe/foot hurts. We left the game early last night because my foot was hurting. When we got home, "The Hubby" made me a pan of ice water to stick my sore foot in. He is so sweet. He then brought me a Lortab (my pain medication). It must not re-act with me well, because, I was awake until 1:30 itching. Lortab makes me itch for some reason. Ugghhh!
My house is a wreck. The clothes are piling up. I can't stand on it for more than a few minutes at a time. I need to do housework, but it's painful to do so. It's so frustrating!
It *sucks*!


lisa's chaos said...

You must have got that sucker good. I felt a little relief from pain about 2 weeks after I broke mine, then just occasionally pain for the next month. Sounds like maybe you broke your's in two places or near the joint or something. Sorry you're still having so much pain. :(

JennieBoo said...

Yeah, I'm a big baby.

I have a hairline fracture right above the first joint, underneath the toe nail (that's already fallen off).

It's pretty gross and sore.

Ouch! :(

Jannis said...

J BOO forget the house work, it will ALWAYS be there. RELAX REST READ...

JennieBoo said...

Okay, Jannis. Will do :)!

Now if we could just convince "The Hubby" to do it for me, I wouldn't have so much to do when I finally do feel better!

Kwizgiver said...

I can't find info about the Thursday Bug... looks like a great meme for me! Can you tell me more about it? (I checked Lanne's site but... I just don't know what to look for--clicking on the bug icon didn't show me anything...)

xoxo, hope your foot heals fast!@

Laane said...

I'm so sorry.

Have you tried other pain meds?
They shouldn't make you itch...are you allergic to one of the compounds?

That the house is a wreck is the natural consequence.
If people comment, have them do it.

Big hugggsss

Melanie said...

I hope your foot is feeling better!

After Hailey was born I was on some medication that made me itch. So the doctor also gave me medication to help the itching. Maybe you need to talk to your doctor about something to help the itching or about taking something else.