Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My First Self-Portrait

I just went onto a friend's blog and noticed a label entitled "Self Portrait".
Well, I've been inspired.
I will post a pic of me, taken by me, one day each week, or whenever I feel like it.

Today, I feel like posting my first "self-portrait", so here goes......

What'd ya think?


Debs said...

Great job for a self portrait.

If I did it, I would cut off my own head. *LOL* I need to practice taking better pictures.

JennieBoo said...

Believe me, there are plenty of those. I just deleted the ones with "cut off" heads and such.

Having short arms doesn't help, you know?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet BabyJen,

You are beautiful (that's what I think) and I Love You.

Yo Daddy, Da "BOB"