Thursday, September 27, 2007

Loaded Questions #32

Hypotheticals: IF you had to model your life after somebody, who would it be and why? I would have to say my mother. She is the epitome of grace under fire. A breast cancer survivor, an artist, an incredible mother. First and foremost, Gea-Mom is a child of God and I admire and respect her immeasurably!

Anything Goes: What one class do you regret not taking, or hope to take in college? I regret not taking more Art and Creative Writing classes.

No-Brainers: What is your favorite cartoon movie? I love animation. When I was a child, we had ALL the Disney VHS tapes. I love them all. Dumbo is probably my favorite, though.

Personals: What is the longest you have ever gone without taking a shower? Probably two days. Boo doesn't go without bathing. If it's only a "Spit Bath". (water in a bowl and plenty of privacy) I just can't stand not bathing. I've gone about 3 days without washing my hair, though. Oily city!
(Late, but not out....)


Kwizgiver said...

I had a hard time with the No-Brainer... tough to choose just one film.

I loved Dumbo.

JennieBoo said...

My favorite scene in Dumbo is where his momma rocks him with her trunk through the caged gets me everytime!