Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Loaded Questions #30

Hypotheticals: If you became president of the U.S. what is the first measure you would enact while in office? I would try my best to bring home our troops. I would also try to deal with damage WE'VE caused in the Middle East.

Anything Goes: Who should be this year's person of the year? I really don't know. I'm so behind in current events, that are positive, I really can't honestly answer this!

No-Brainers: What are your two favorite sports teams? My favorite sport is football. I don't watch college football, but I guess I'd profess to be an Alabama Crimson Tide fan. I DO watch pro-football and my favorite team is The Indianapolis Colts!

Personals: What part of the world do you yearn to travel? I think I would enjoy visiting Ireland. The castles, fields, mountains, etc. would be spectacular!


Lynda Walldez said...

Yeah! Hooray for Ireland! Its such a magical place. :)

JennieBoo said...

I agree. Let's go together and kiss the blanery stone!

Lynda Walldez said...

He he, what's the blanery stone?