Friday, September 07, 2007

Fridaay 15 ~9/7/07~

15 Things I'm Doing for Pain Relief (in homage to my broken toe!)
1. Tyenol
2. Advil
3. Alieve
4. Goody's Powder
5. Lortabs
6. Ice Water Bath
7. Aspirin
8. Elevation
9. Lying around doing nothing
10. Watching T.V./DVDs
11. (I'm not typing anymore because I'm in pain!)
12. I MEAN it!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great weekend, all!


Debs said...

Don't take too much meds that you get sick. I hope it feels better soon.

Csara said...

aww, hope your toe feels better. Have a good, relaxing weekend.

Jen said...

I sure hope you feel better! Happy Friday Fifteen in any case!

Irishcoda said...

I'm sorry you're in pain! Hope you feel better!

Jenn said...

I hope your toe feels better soon!