Friday, September 07, 2007

Five on Friday ~9/7/07~

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(This week's questions were created by Gillian, wannabe snoop and secret-monger.)

1. Which do you think reveals more about a person, the contents of their refrigerator or the contents of their purse? I'd say purse, since it's more "personal" than a refrigerator. I mean....I have meat in mine for "The Hubby", but I'm a vegetarian!

2. When you visit someone's home, what are you most interested in looking at? Any new pictures (in frames or albums). I'm a sucker for pics!

3. If you could make it so that one person on earth was physically incapable of telling lies or keeping secrets, celebrities & politicians included, who would you choose? Myself. For various reasons.

4. Have you ever spilled the beans on someone else's secret? If so, what was it? I don't think so, since I've been grown. I probably did when I was a kid....Probably not, but I was a kid. They generally can't keep secrets.

5. Have you ever kept a diary? If so, was it top secret? What did you write about? Yes! I still do! One of my diary's is hidden and that one IS top-secret. The other one is more of a day-to-day ramble on life. It's not top-secret. My top-secret one has various things in it, but if I told you, then I'd have to kill you. And frankly, my toe hurts to bad for an old-fashioned smack down anyway.


Kwizgiver said...

I ought to do this meme... the questions are great! I like your answers. :-)