Thursday, September 06, 2007


My sweet friend Kwizgiver has tagged me for the FIVE BEST NIGHTS, SO FAR Meme.

The rules: list the 5 best nights that you can recall and then tag four other people and see if the meme can continue.

1. The night I got married/my honeymoon. Considering what this is, I'm not going into any more detail except to say it was AMAZING!

2. The first night in "OUR" house. When had gotten moved in (thanks to my family). We were lying in our bed and "The Hubby" said "Here we are. In OUR home". It was so sweet and romantic. "The Hubby" is so sweet like that.

3. The night I was able to "cuddle" with my husband after breaking my neck. I was afraid I'd never be able to again. I healed up and despite my limitations, my hubby was so gentle and kind. It was magical.

4. The night "The Hubby" took me to see Phantom of the Opera. It was slightly chilly, a cloudless evening and I had received our wedding flowers earlier that day. It was a night to remember.

5. My sister's Senior prom. "The Hubby" was Junior sponsor that year, so we attended the prom. I got to see my sissy "cut a rug". We all danced and "goofed off" together. (I danced with her date, she danced with Mike. ) It was GREAT!

Thank you, Kwizgiver! This was a fun meme!
Now my victims: (bawhahhahha)......


Have fun, ladies!


Special K ~Toni said...

What a great meme! I will do this one when my 'break' is over!

lisa's chaos said...

I like how hubby is in everyone of your good nights!

Karina said...

OOH, this looks like a fun'll require some thought, but I'll try to do it tomorrow.

Kwizgiver said...

Love your answers!!!!

Lynda Walldez said...

Kool, thanks for the tag. :D Will post this meme for tomorrow.

solopoesie said...

Buona giornata e buon fine settimana...Lina

Debs said...

I forgot to post to you that I did it. :) It was fun...thank you! :)