Thursday, September 06, 2007

1. How do you get through and past a work funk? When it happens, is it just a case of 'I don't want to be here', or is it something else? I'm a stay-at-home wifey so my work is housework. There's no cure for "housework funk"! DEFINITELY! I'd loved to have a public job so "The Hubby" would help me around the house. Since I don't "work" he thinks I don't need any help with the "chores".

2. What about relationship funks? Do you think that sometimes a little time away from the other person helps things? Why/why not? I've always only been with my husband. He's my first and only boyfriend. When we get into a "relationship funk" we just try to deal with it. I've never spent much time away from my hubby, only a few hours or so. It's usually enough to "cool off" and what not. It does seem to help, though.

3. What about when you get annoyed with a friend, or vice versa? How do you deal with those kinds of situations? If I'm annoyed with a friend (which is rare) I am close enough to them to say I need some space for a bit. My friends understand this and I understand when they need space. I am close enough to my friends, I feel we can talk and work out our differences. My friends are freakin' AWESOME! I love them, all!