Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tiffany Rose

This is beautiful!

I was reading my friend Tiggerlane's blog and decided to goggle Tiffany Rose images for myself, to see if what she said about her name was real. She claimed her name pulled up images of a porn star and such.

Anyway, amid the sites for the porn star and a drag queen (which I promptly ignored), I found this:

So beautiful, wouldn't you agree? Tiffany (as in stained glass) and Rose (as in the shape of the window). It is located with other beautiful religious stained glass windows at Calvary Episcopal Church in Summit, New Jersey. To see other beautiful works, just click the picture. It will re-direct you to their website. ENJOY!


susan said...

Much nicer than a porn star anyday!!

Frances said...

Thanks for adding my new blog.