Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thirteen Reasons why I like being a girl:

1. I really enjoy primping. (I'll admit it. I'm a girlie-girl.)

2. I like the clothes we get to wear. (The colors and patterns are normally wonderful!)

3. We look amazing in swimming suits, nighties, or t-shirts and shorts! (I enjoy wearing these because they're comfy and I feel confident in them all!)

4. We smell good, even when we sweat. (Thanks, Secret!)

5. We can cry and be emotional and not have to "explain" why. (Or at least, it's that way for me.)

6. On average, we get to decorate our family's home. (Again, that way for me!)

7. There are so many hunky actors out there! (I can't name 'em all, but you know who I mean!)

8. We look amazing when we "guzzy up". (All of us! Regardless of size, color, etc. Chicks always look good "guuzied up"!)

9. When you say to a fellow girl, "You know what I mean?, she ALWAYS does. (That is such a comforting and amazing feeling!)

10. The big O(s). ("Nuf said)

11. Children are more likely to trust and enjoy our company. (And I LOVE children! Though, not all of us do.)

12. We all seem to have the instinct to be more understanding and loving to others. (This is a trait some guys have, too. Not all chicks do. We have it as God sees fit to get it to us!)

13. We can GIVE BIRTH! (All be it painful and uncomfortable, I'm sure it is the ABSOLUTE BEST reason to be a chick!)

Isn't it great to be a girl? And if you're a guy, isn't it great to have a mom/gf/friend/sister/cousin/aunt, etc.?



Special K ~Toni said...

LOVE # 4 and 10! great list! Mine is up too!

Suprina said...

Great List! My daughter LOVES your Girls Rock Image!
Happy T13!

Tink said...

I'm not that much of a girlie-girl, but I wouldn't want to be a man either! :-)
My new kitten Maia has taken over my TT to introduce herself in pictures.

DK said...

Hi Jenniboo! Great list :) and I very much enjoyed looking around your blog while I was here! Hope you have a great weekend, and Happy TTing!

Lori said...

Girls DO rock!! I could do without the monthly thing but other than that, I guess we have it pretty good:)

Damozel said...

It WAS great. I sort of remember it....and, trust me, you're right to have as much fun being a girl as you can while you still are one...

Lara Angelina said...

I love being a girl too -- and we look so good in Oxford shirts!! Great list!!
happy TT!

Marina said...

Great list! Happy T13!

susan said...

These are great! Even though I'm feeling really grungy you made me grin and say Yeah! Know what I mean? :D

kat said...

I so agree, girl friend! :)

Happy TT!

Debs said...

Girls do Rock! :)

I so thankful God made me a girl and not a boy. Wooo Hooo!!

Love your list!

Callista said...

What an AWESOME TT! I totally agree!

Karina said...

Jennie, I totally know what you mean!!! ;-)

Happy TT!! Enjoy your mini-getaway this weekend!

Heather said...

Great list!!! Ditto on 1-4!!