Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Lil' Run Away...

Okay, I'm gonna get on my soapbox for a minute.
Here we go:
Why don't people return their shopping carts to to cart "corrals"? I mean, their casually tossed-aside (run away) buggy could cause damage to someone else's vehicle.

Not to mention the folks who have to walk all over creation just to retrieve the "misplaced" (run away) buggies. In 100 degree heat, no less!
Okay it's outta my system. I feel much better.
Any thoughts?

p.c. I ALWAYS put my buggy in the corral. It's just courteous.


Karina said...

Alright, I'll fess up...I'm one of the guilty ones who don't put the cart back. Not always, in fact, most of the time I do put it back, but it's on the random occasions where I have parked MILES from any corrals, or when I'm wearing particularly uncomfortable shoes, that I don't do it. The shoes are my fault, but the other reason, I blame the stores for having 10 corrals in the same area, and none toward the back of the lots...I know , I know...lazy me... ;-)

Kwizgiver said...

I put mine away, too... even when it's below zero with slushy snow on the ground!!

Delphine said...

good point Jennie! I can relate to both sides... I canNOT stand trying to park and there is a cart there! or the time the wind blew a cart into our car and it broke the headlight.

On the other hand, I feel the most vulnerable to attack/robbery at this stage in the process... when my 3 kids are strapped in car seats and defenseless with my hands clearly in my hands, I feel safer leaving the cart wherever, getting in my car and locking the doors, I do it... I just go with my gut. there should be a better way to get the carts put away.

Debs said...

I usually put the chart away. There were a few times I would not put it away. When my kids were little and I had bags in car, kids strapped in car, but the corral was too far away.

Now the kids are older. They help put the bags in car and walk with me to put the cart away, no matter the distance of the walk. :)

Callista said...

I always put my cart away but then I'm never grocery shopping alone. If I had my kids and I was driving I could see not returning the cart. I think they should have more corrals, maybe that would be better.