Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

Today, Ten on Tuesday asks: "What 10 countries would you like to visit?"
1.) Italy
2.) Germany
3.) Ireland
4.) England
5.) China
6.) Japan
7.) Israel
8.) Africa (doesn't matter where...)
9.) Switzerland
10.) France
Whoa...I need to update the passport!
Happy Tuesday, all!


Patois said...

We overlap a bit. The only reason England and China aren't on my list is those are two of the very few places I have managed to be!

pjd said...

I agree with the Africa one, though somehow that entire continent managed to sneak by without making my list. Huh. I suppose if someone took me on a trip to China I'd take it, but I've never been real interested in that part of the world... though I did really enjoy my week in Japan several years ago.

Happy Tuesday!

Library Girl said...

Oooh, Switzerland! I forgot about it! Can I add a #11! ;)

Irishcoda said...

Hi, we matched on about half!

qualcosa di bello said...

i'm with you on #'s 1,3,4,5,6,7,9, & 10!! I would add Norway because of friends & Ecuador as a stepping stone to get to the Galapagos.

Melanie said...

Great choices! I'd take a trip to any of those places. Of course, I need to get a passport first...

Hootin'Anni said...

I would love to visit the orient too, but I could list only 10. LOL

Happy day to you.

Crimson Wife said...

Interesting list, thanks for sharing!

Julia said...

I notice some similiar list we have :) My parent just got back from visiting Germany, and they said that they had great time. I did thought about Africa, that was one of the countries I couldn't list on top 10 but want to.

Great list, and thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back again soon :)

Melody said...

Great list! Oh yes, Switzerland...that'll be on my list too!

Happy ToT!

Kitty said...

We only have africa in common lol! Although I would visit all the countries you have listed if I had the chance - especially Italy. Thanks for checking out my list.